Over a period of more than 2,000 years we Quendrii have shared the adult lives of over 1,000,000 human beings, joining our hosts at puberty and staying with them until their lives end. At the end of that time we return to Quend and to reintegration with the combined mind of we Quendrii.  Here the mental recording of every moment of our Human hosts lives becomes part of the combined knowledge of the Quendrii. Eventually we Quendrii will know what it means to be 'Human' and whether or not that Humans have a place in the galaxy.

Full integration may only have taken some fifty hours but acclimatisation, that was a different matter. Physically we Quendrii and humans could not be any different. To once again feel the confines of a material body was bad enough but no amount of training could prepare for the greatest challenge for any of the Quendrii. That of being alone. Completely alone.

Initially the process of integration had occupied my attention so completely but when that was complete, I noticed the silence. Sure, so I could experience all my host was/is/will be and hear/see his thoughts dreams and fantasies but I could not hear the Quendrii. Never before in my 3,000 years had I not been bathed in the collective consciousness of Quendrii.

Although of no benefit in preparing for the shock of alone, our training did show us how we could cope with it and continue to fulfil our function of life experience recorder.

For more than 30 years I, Yan of the Quendrii, have been integrated with the consciousness of the human male know as Hugh. Never sleeping, every moment, both night and day, I have experienced and I remember. Through integration. I also have access to the memories of my host. They are not the same.

We Quendrii volunteers record all. Whatever our host does, says or thinks, we record. Feelings, mental, physical and emotional, we record. Dreams, fantasies and imaginings, we record. There can be no mistake. My host's memory seemed to be a lot more selective.

During the first few years my host's main interests seemed to be on the opposite sex, mind altering drugs, reading and music. . .

I Yan, have now been alone for 38 years, no one has called my name, no one has spoken to me. That was soon to change.

I record the life experiences of the human Hugh, a 52 year old human male. His story has been long and convoluted and has been recorded in every detail. When the time comes for me to return to Quend then that story will be known.

When Hugh awoke this morning there was the shadow of my name in his mind. That shadow contained his concepts of another consciousness existing within him recording life's experiences. How could this be? In two millennia here on Earth and countless others going back in times, no host has ever become aware of the Quendrii within.

I followed the traces of those shadows

It could only be a coincidence. Hugh had always enjoyed reading SciFi and other speculative fiction. . .

As I pondered the. . . For the fist time in 38 years I heard my name. 'Good morning Yan'. My host was mentally talking to me. 'Of course I am. Now that I know you're there, of course I'm going to talk to you.



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